Nirvana is for men too! Skin Wellness applies equally to both men and women because it's all about staying healthy, fit and youthful. There are specific treatments for everything below and we promise, if you try them you will tell your friends..."health and wellness at Nirvana is worth every penny!". Sun, wind and weather in any form added to the daily wear and tear of shaving and stress are harmful to your skin.  And, if your diet is a disproportionate level of fatty acids and fried foods the accumulative effects can take their toll. If you are a golfer, sailor, biker or just crusin' in that 56 T-Bird with the top off we can slow the damaging effects of sun and aging.  Make a reservation with Darlene or Nikki and we can recommend the best treatment for you. After experiencing our treatments for men you will feel less stressed, more confident and full of renewed energy. Do make an appointment today to discover Nirvana!